Below is a brief overview of our local drag hunt, the Guilford Hounds. For complete information, please visit their website at

Guilford Honds is a Drag Hunt recognized by the Masters of Foxhounds Association. Located in the Connecticut River Valley of New Hampshire, our passion for our hounds and horses, as well as our hunt country, crosses three state lines into Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We welcome all who love horses, hounds and the open countryside. Riders of all ages and disciplines are invited to ride with us and to visit the kennels. Those interested in observing the hunt from terra firma are welcome to follow our hound truck in their own vehicle for the best viewing. We ask however that dogs be left at home. NO DOGS are allowed at the hunts. For more information about the Guilford Hounds or if you are interested in joining us for a day of riding to hounds, please contact one of our officers.

The Officers
Gregory J. Kittredge, MFH –
Amy M. Dillon, Secretary –
Patricia Hunter, Treasurer –

The Staff
Gregory J. Kittredge – MFH / Huntsman
Katie Tobey – The Fox
Valerie Benson – The Fox
Tess Winterling – Field Master
Lucile Bump – Whipper-In
Amy Dillon – 1st Whipper-In
Pam Sorton – Whipper-In
Sara Winterling – Whipper-In

The Hounds
This is a pack of foxhounds, not a riding club. Our pack is line bred from one of the finest bloodlines developed in New England in the last 30 years. A copy of our publication On Enjoying Hounds in the Field is available for a full explanation, which will make your day riding with the hounds more enjoyable.
If you have any questions about drag hunting or how to join Guilford Hounds for a day of riding to hounds, please send an email to or contact one of our officers.

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