Suzanne Sheppard

Past Clinicians at Southmowing Stables

Suzanne Sheppard (Centered Riding® Level 3 Instructor/Clinician) grew up in Virginia, taking English riding lessons from the time she was five years old. She enjoyed showing and trail riding her own horses throughout her childhood. As an adult Suzanne studied T’ai Chi Chuan, eventually becoming a T’ai Chi instructor, while also earning her Master’s Degree in Education.

After teaching elementary school for 10 years and establishing a successful private tutoring practice Suzanne was inspired to return to the equestrian world, where she could pursue her love of beautiful movement with horses. Since graduating from  Bob  Jeffreys’  first  Trainer  Education   Program   she  has worked with a variety of horse breeds and their riders to cultivate better equitation through a focus on body awareness, feel, balance, timing and communication. Her background in natural horsemanship, martial arts and education led her to study with Sally Swift and many other very gifted Centered Riding® instructors, earning her current qualifications. Suzanne has been featured on various radio and TV shows, and has worked with Bob to develop and produce their Self-Help Series forRiders New & Returning to Horses, a triple video/DVD set. Join Suzanne and Bob with their horses, Tigger Tuff and Blackjac as they perform and teach at expos and clinics nationwide, and on THE HORSE TV CHANNEL.

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