Sally Swift

Sally Swift at Southmowing Stables

Sally Swift founder of Centered Riding® Inc., was born in 1913 and grew up in Hingham, Massachusetts, just south of Boston. As she developed her techniques and the four basics of Centered Riding, the demand for Centered Riding clinics and Instructor clinics blossomed and soon her teaching activities were taking her all over the United States as well as to Canada, Australia and Europe.

  She was a regular clinician at and beloved friend of Southmowing Stables.  Sally passed away in 2009.

She used her experience in "centering" and her "use of self" techniques not only with riders, but also in other disciplines such as with singers and physical therapists who in turn use it to help their clients. For over 20 years, Sally worked with the Alexander Technique, which enabled her to discard the back brace she had worn for ten years. The Alexander Technique is a method of re-educating the mind and body towards greater balance and integration with special reference to posture and movement. The incorporation of the Alexander Technique did not change any of her basic principles but added significantly to the depth and subtlety of her teaching.

Her first book, Centered Riding® was published in 1985 and is now available in four languages. In August of 2002, Sally's much anticipated second book, Centered Riding® 2: Further Exploration was released. She also produced a two-part Centered Riding® video. Her books and videos are available in many tack shops and bookstores around the world.

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