Bob Jeffreys

Bob Jeffreys’ passion for horses and years of personal experience and work with various trainers led him to develop the Partnership Training for Horse and Rider® system. His training methods encompass the most effective techniques available. Bob’s unique Vowel Method of Applied Pressure™ enhances the rider’s ability to communicate with the horse by gaining control over specific body parts. Bob has taken the time to consider training from the horse’s perspective. He carefully analyzes whether the horse is afraid, or is simply confused about what is being asked. Through this thorough, thoughtful and concentrated process, Bob has been able to discard many unproductive methods and devices. In addition to communicating with specific body parts, Bob’s methods focus on training the horse to become a willing partner, as well as mastering riding techniques that improve this partnership.

Bob continues to work with a wide variety of breeds including Quarter Horses, Paints, Thoroughbreds, Morgans, Arabs, Icelandics, Norwegian Fjords, Saddlebreds, Missouri Fox Trotters and Standardbreds. He also writes a column that is featured in New York Horse,, and other equine media. He has been interviewed on various TV and radio shows, and has published a collection of equine articles, Partnership Points, as well as a new book, It’s All About Breakthroughs!

Bob and his partner, Suzanne Sheppard, have combined their talents to develop a variety of Teaching Two as One™ horsemanship and equitation clinics, trail riding getaways, and his multi-level Trainer Education Program/Protrack™.

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