The Rider’s Seat — Clinic with Karen Irland and Tom Nagel

June 28-30

The Rider’s Seat 
Clinic with Karen Irland and Tom Nagle at Southmowing Stables

Southmowing Stables is pleased to again be hosting "The Rider’s Seat," a clinic with Karen Irland and Tom Nagel at Southmowing Stables June 28-30.

Karen Irland (Centered Riding Lvl 4) and Tom Nagel (author of Zen and Horseback Riding ) will be giving a clinic at Southmowing Stable. There is limited space available for this clinic which will involve lecture and body work in the morning and riding in the afternoon. If you are looking for a great experience to improve your seat and connection to your horse this is it! 

Zen and the Horse applies the Zen meditation techniques of refining posture, breath and awareness to riding horses. As riders refine their posture and breathing, their awareness changes. They become more aware of the efficient use of their own bodies, as well as the bodies of the horses beneath them.

This three-day clinic explains how to achieve an independent seat and how to move in harmony with your horse. This information applies to all riding disciplines. 

A deposit of $100 will be required to hold your space, total cost will be $500.00 for the 3 days. Auditors will be welcome, but space is also limited.

Please contact Southmowing Stables at (802) 254-2831, evenings are best, or e-mail Pam Sorton for more info at